Mediation services are available Sunday through Friday.

Rate: $200 per meeting of 2 hours.

Travel Time:  For mediations conducted outside Broward, Palm Beach and Miami dade counties,

there will be a charge for travel time at $100.00 per hour, divided equally by the number of parties.

If airline travel or an overnight stay is necessary, airfare, lodging and food will be billed at their actual cost.

Payment: ZELLE, Venmo, Paypal, Credit cards, check, cash or money order are excepted.

Cancellation Policy:

A cancellation fee of two hours time will be charged at the applicable hourly rate if cancelled less than 24 hours  before the scheduled Mediation date.

Cancellation fees will be billed to the party or parties requesting the cancellation.

Cancellation fees apply regardless of whether the mediation being cancelled is, or is to be, rescheduled. 

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ISRAEL: 03-722-2040


Mail Address:

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