Gishoor, which literally means “mediation” in Hebrew, was originally founded in Israel, in 2003 by Efrat Almog, its owner and director. 
in the US Gishoor was established to serve as a Mediation,  Coaching and Training Center catering specifically to the Jewish and Israeli populations of South Florida, the Northeast and the West Coast.

Gishoor is unique as it is the only center of its kind to conduct mediations and training in the Hebrew language and with a clear understanding of the mindset and culture of the Jewish community and specifically the Israeli community residing US. 

Gishoor offers the following services:

  • Mediation and Negotiation Training in the Hebrew language.
  • Mediation for Israeli and Jewish family-owned businesses.
  • Family Mediation.
  • Divorce Mediation (and Collaborative Mediation).
  • Marital Mediation.
  • Divorce Coaching.
  • Conflict Coaching.
  • Workplace Mediation.
  • Online Mediation.